Sevens and Stripes Slots

Sevens and Stripes is a Patriot-themed game that revolves around the American flag. This classic slot appears very simple at first, with its three reels and single payline. However, it also offers a large progressive jackpot that can award thousands of dollars. Keep reading to find out about this jackpot and other elements of Sevens and Stripes.

Subtle Patriotic Elements

This game doesn't overload you with stars and stripes. Instead, it offers a subtle take on American patriotism. You'll faintly see the American flag in the background along with the game title above the reels.

The symbols also exemplify the theme, because they're different shades of red, white, and blue. Symbols include a red single BAR, blue triple BAR, blue 7, white 7, and red 7.

The highest payout comes when landing a red, white, and blue 7 in the payline. This prize delivers 2,400 coins for a one-coin bet, 4,800 for two coins, and the progressive jackpot for three.

You can see that Sevens and Stripes is relatively basic in terms of design and symbols. However, Realtime Gaming (RTG) did a good job of creating a clean-and-crisp look.

Sevens and Stripes Features - Spin for a Large Jackpot

This game doesn't offer anything in terms of wild symbols, scatter payouts, or bonuses. However, it does have a progressive jackpot.

You need to get a win with a red, white, and blue 7 to unlock the jackpot. It's currently worth $4,329 at the time of this writing. Keep in mind that you must bet all three coins to qualify for the progressive prize.

The max payout with a two-credit wager is 4,800 coins. Given the $0.25 max coin size, 4,800 coins would only result in $1,200 at most. That said, it's worth betting all three coins to play for the jackpot.

Betting & Gameplay Options

You can use 1-3 coins on the payline. You can also adjust your bet size from $0.05 to $0.25. These options make the betting range go from $0.05 (one coin/nickel) to $0.75 (three coins/quarter). You can see that this is definitely a low roller's game.

Unfortunately, Sevens and Stripes doesn't have any gameplay options. Most slots at least give you the ability to turn the sound on/off and possibly resize the screen.

Sevens and Stripes RTP & Volatility

The return to player (RTP) for this game is unknown. We assume that the payback lies somewhere around 95%. The volatility is high, which is expected when considering that this is a one-line slot with a progressive jackpot.

Raise the Flag at Least Once for Sevens and Stripes Slots

This game is a true classic slot with few frills. While it has a solid patriotic theme and graphics, it doesn't offer any cool bonus features or animations.

It's worth giving Sevens and Stripes a chance if you like simple games with a decent theme. This slot also gives you an opportunity to play for a decent-sized jackpot for as little as $0.15 (three coins/nickel).

We recommend that you give Sevens and Stripes a few spins if you're into classic slots. Assuming the progressive jackpot is high enough, you might even find yourself playing longer.