Bulls and Bears Slots

When you see that a slot game was created by RealTime Gaming, you know you’re in for a great experience. That’s certainly the case with Bulls and Bears, the online slot that looks very impressive and draws you in with a number of engaging features.

How many reels and paylines are involved in this game?

This game has five reels to spin, and a nice number of paylines too – 25 in all.

What kinds of bets can you make?

You can bet just one coin on each payline here, so there is every chance of covering all the lines with each spin. You can do so without busting your budget too. You can get started spinning with just one cent per activated payline, or you can go all the way to a dollar per line if you like.

Does Bulls and Bears offer any special symbols?

It does. There are actually two wild symbols – the Bull appears on the second reel, and the Bear appears on the fourth. If one of these appears as part of a winning line, you will double the payout for that line. If you get both the Bull and the Bear appearing in a winning combination, you will get 4x the usual prize associated with that combination.

There is also a scatter symbol. This is a stocks chart. You can win prizes for getting these anywhere on the board. You can win with scatter symbols as well as getting line wins if you’re lucky.

Is there a bonus level to unlock?

You can unlock some free spins, which are guaranteed to appear after a certain length of time spent playing the game. You have to get a minimum of three charts (scatter symbols) for this to happen. This is the Buy-Sell free games part of the slot. You could win either five, seven or even, if you’re lucky, 15 free spins. If you get any line prizes during the free spins, their value will be tripled!

Download and play Bulls and Bears slots today!

We found this game quite engaging. Being able to guarantee you’ll get free spins after a while is a nice feature, as is the tripled prizes when you play this round. If you’re looking for an easy-to-play, pleasant slot game you haven’t tried before, Bulls and Bears could be financially appealing to you. Try your luck with the bulls and bears today!