Bonkers Slots

Bonkers is used to indicate when something is crazy. Realtime Gaming's Bonkers slots doesn't really strike us as crazy or wacky, but it does offer a nice feature that can lead to big wins. Find out more on this feature and the other main points regarding Bonkers slots.

Not Much Feels Bonkers About This Game

This game has one reel and three lines, which are the characteristics of a classic slot machine. Classic slots are often limited in the scope of what they can offer regarding graphics and theme.

Bonkers is no different, because it doesn't have enough room to truly portray a wacky theme. Instead, it features a standard look that represents a typical classic slot.

You'll see buttons, levers, and a machine case in the background. The only real flair is a red "BONKERS!" title at the top with red lines come out of it. Overall, we're not too impressed with the theme.

Symbols include a red 7, triple BAR, double BAR, single BAR, Any BAR, and Bonkers icon. Three red 7s deliver the highest payout of 1,200 credits (w/ 3-coin bet). Three triple BARS offer the second-largest payout at 240 coins.

This game doesn't have a wild symbol unfortunately. The Bonkers icon is the only special symbol available.

Bonkers Special Features - Get Up to 10 Free Re-Spins

Landing two Bonkers symbols in the payline triggers two free re-spins. Getting two of these icons triggers 10 re-spins. You'll notice a red counter on the right-hand side that keeps track of how many re-spins you've earned along with how many are left.

You can't earn additional re-spins after triggering this bonus. This feature automatically ends if you get three red 7s (highest payout) in the line.

Betting & Gameplay Options

This slot features coin sizes worth $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1, and $5. You can put 1-3 coins on each line. These options make for a betting range of $0.05 to $15 per spin.

We suggest using all three coins, because doing so qualifies you for the game's best payout. Three red 7s pay 200 coins for a one-coin bet, 400 for two, and 1,200 for three.

You can see the disproportionate jump between a two and three-coin win. This jump is where the extra value comes from using all three credits.

Bonkers RTP & Volatility

Bonkers doesn't feature publicly available RTP, which is common among Realtime Gaming slots. The volatility is pretty high, much like other classic online slots.

Don't Go Bonkers for This Game

Bonkers slots is mostly the opposite of what the name suggests. It doesn't feature crazy graphics or symbols that live up to the name. It also doesn't have an abundance of features and big payouts.

We do, however, like the free re-spins that you can get. Landing three Bonkers icons earns you 10 re-spins. Many classic online slots don't even have one feature, meaning this game excels in at least one area.

You might be interested in trying Bonkers once, especially if you're into classic games. However, you probably won't fall in love with Bonkers and want to play it for multiple sessions.