Bank on it Slots

Bank On It is a one-reel, three-line slot from Realtime Gaming (RTG). The name implies that this game is a generic take on banks and money. However, it's actually themed around piggy banks and a really unique feature. Keep reading to find out about this feature along with everything else that Bank On It slots offers.

Classic Slot that's All About Coins and Piggy Banks

This game has a little more flair to it than most classic slots. The background features a number of coins falling from the sky along with a piggy bank on the right-hand side. The theme obviously conveys the concept of storing change in a piggy bank.

You'll also notice levers, buttons, and a slot machine case in the background. These elements combine to create the feeling that you're playing an old-Vegas slot.

This game features a number cliché symbols that are common in many classic slots. They include a cherry, BAR, blue 7, multi-colored 7, red 7, wild icon, and a piggy bank.

The wild symbol substitutes for everything except the piggy bank to form wins. The red 7 pays the most, offering 1,400 coins for three symbols (w/ 3-coin bet). Three blue 7s deliver the second-highest prize at 600 coins.

Bank On It Special Features - Store Change for Later

This slot doesn't offer an abundance of features. However, it does have one very unique aspect that we've yet to see in other online slots.

Your bet goes into the piggy bank every time that three blanks appear on the payline. You can see the running tally of these bets on the right-hand side.

Getting three piggy bank symbols in the line will unlock the entire amount. You can therefore profit off all of your previous misfortunes with the bank spaces. Just note, though, that you have to bet three coins in order for this feature to be activated.

Betting & Gameplay Options

Bank On It slots gives you the chance to adjust the coin size and number of coins. You can change your coin size from $0.05 to $5 and use between 1-3 coins.

We highly recommend that you bet three coins. Doing so activates the piggy bank feature and allows you to win the top payout with three red 7s.

You actually get a little more value on the top prize when betting three credits. Three red 7s pay 400 for a one-coin bet, 800 for two, and 1,400 for three. Notice the disproportionate jump from winning with three coins versus one.

Bank On It RTP & Volatility

RTG doesn't release payback figures for its slots. Therefore, we have no idea about the Bank On It RTP. The volatility was fairly high when we played. This is common among classic slots with only a single payline.

Pour a Few Coins into Bank On Its Piggy Bank

For the most part, Bank On It is a standard classic slot machine. Its graphics and atmosphere are nothing to get overly excited about.

However, the piggy bank feature definitely makes it worth checking out. Blank spins (no symbols in the line) send your bet into the piggy bank. You can then win all of this money back when landing three pigs.

Other than the special feature, this game doesn't have enough elements to make it worth playing for hours. Again, though, it's worth trying at least once. You might even want to keep playing if you truly enjoy the piggy bank concept.